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Types Of Gardens

We are all having different plans or wishes about our gardens. The size of the plot is one of the main factors, deciding the planning and construction of our garden. Gardening is an art form; the gardens are formed by gardener’s imagination and passion. We can place gardens in indoor or outdoor, whether it’s in the backyard, on a patio, rooftop or a hilltop, whether it’s a hot, dry region or a cool, wet one. We can explore your ideas. There are gardeners that make creative use of limited space and those who simply enjoy a particular gardening style. Most common type of gardens are Woodland Gardens, Tropical Gardens, Water Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Environmental Gardens, Urban Gardens, Cutting Gardens, Children’s Gardens, Edible Gardens
Garden Design

Types Of Garden Designs

We all need to relax and enjoy a bit of time with nature and revel in beauty of environment. The beautiful gardens are providing calm and peaceful mood in our lives. There are different garden designs that could give you this experience.
A garden such an herbal garden where in the predominant feature is the collection of herbal plants. Another classification of garden types is based on the origin of the design. Some garden designs are tailored from the traditions and themes practiced in a certain countries. There are gardens patterned after the themes of the Chinese, Japanese, French and English peoples. These gardens are inspired by the unique characteristic, tradition, landscape and the plants and flowers that a country has.
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